There was a childhood dream of a young girl, who lived in a beautiful romantic place, ideal for a fairy tale wedding.

These dreams became a reality when this girl, Melita Pretnar Kofol decided to help young people who are in love, to organize an unforgettable, intimate magic moment, which will stay in their hearts till the end of their lives as a perfect wedding day.

Every wedding that we organize, is treated like our own wedding. It just need to be special, unique and exactly like you dreamed of.  

We do understand that every single couple has a different picture of dream wedding day in their mind. That’s why we put a lot of effort in listening of your dream and wishes. After that we will do all what is in our power to make this dreams come true. 

The organization of such an event takes a lot of energy, effort and you need to worry about the smallest details. We know it is a big organizational challenge for only one person. Precisely this is why you should consider enjoying your day and leaving the details to us.

In all these years of working with people we have learned that careful listening of our customers and personal touch is the only key to a successful wedding.  

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Ms. Melita Pretnar Kofol

T: + 386 (0) 31 520 015      E:

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Rečiška cesta 17, 4260 Bled, Slovenia


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Winter Weddings

What can be more romantic than getting married during Xmas holiday?
We have a special pricing. Some dates for 2014 are still available.
Ask for details...

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